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Plate shears and press brakes HACO


Sales of forming machines from the manufacturer HACO (formerly Strojárně Piesok, plant Liptovské Strojárne) – hydraulic sheet shears, CNC controlled press brakes, corner shears.

Trading of sheet metal forming machines – hydraulic sheet shears and CNC press brakes are produced in Slovakia for more than 50 years, HACO has been the number one on the Czech and Slovak markets in the sale of hydraulic table shears.

For press brakes, HACO offers a unique ratio of quality of Slovak production and machine prices.Tradition of HACO, KINGSLAND and Liptovská Strojárna plus brings the optimum value for all sheet metal working companies.

The technical quality and price ratio is given by the natural development of the forming machines in HACO, KINGSLAND and Liptovská Strojárna (formerly Strojárny Piesok). which meet the technical as well as financial requirements for engineering production in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Long-term experience in the field of sales and service of sheet shears, press brakes, tools for press brakes, sheet bending machines, profile and corner scissors, tools and all accessories we are able to capitalize on these machines for the benefit of our customers.


CNC press brakes with a capacity of 40 to 1500 tons and a folding length of 1600 to 8000 mm. The equipment of the machine can be modified according to your production needs. Traditional production in Slovakia guarantees the quality of HACO press brakes.


Hydraulic sheet shears with shearing capacity from 6 to 25 mm and shearing length from 2000 to 6000 mm. We can customize the machine’s equipment according to your production needs. The quality of HACO table shears is guaranteed by traditional production in Slovakia.

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